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Friday, February 26, 2010

Vacation Time

I love vacations. I live for them. My wife and I have made vacationing a high priority and we put a high value on it. We are on vacation right now and we took the kids out of school to do it. I even took unpaid time off to do it. We go even when it would seem like it doesn't make sense because guess what. It never will make sense to pick up and go, take the kids out of school, disrupt the routine and spend extra money when there are so many other responsibilities. But we make it make sense by giving it importance. Set your priorities on what you find important, not what makes sense and stick to them. In the end you'll be more fulfilled knowing that you did what you wanted to do in life. That's what I think.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's All In The Getting There

It's all in the getting there. I have finally been able to take that statement to heart in the past year.  I'm a goal setter. I like to start with a dream then write it down in specific detail with a time frame and the whole bit. Often I attain the goals that I set out to accomplish. But sometimes I don't. It has nothing to do with my process. My process is the same every time but sometimes God has another plan and everything that I have planned goes out the window. It is then that I need to trust in God, not get anxious and just wait. One fellow at our care group paralelled this experience with Moses in the desert. God led him around in the desert seemingly doing nothing from a human standpoint for 40 years! I am not where I planned to be right now. But I am no longer discontent to be here. I am at peace in the desert, the promise land will be mine someday because the promised land is Heaven. So even if I do not reach my human goals, something far greater is awaiting me after my body starts pushing up daisies. It's all in the getting there.
Life is a journey, we need to take advantage every experience as an opportunity to please God and to gain wisdom.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic Spirit

I took the whole family including the dog to go and watch the 2010 Winter Olympic Torch go by today. We and many others stood at the roadside to watch someone run past us with it. I have to say that I caught a bit of the spirit. It was a cool event to be a part of. But maybe I am naive because I was surprised at just how big of a roll advertising plays a part in the event. It really is the Coca cola torch. I got a free bottle of Cocacola  and a free Coca cola flag that also had the Canada maple leaf on it. I wonder if the maple leaf would have been printed on the flag if Canada's colours were not red and white.
The Olympic Games are kind of like the language that all nations understand. You know like music or the blue sky. We all have it in common. You know what else brings the world together? Coca cola.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Dog Got Soggy and So Did I

It turned out to be a really great evening out with the kids and it didn't even cost much. We took our golden retriever to the local car wash because they have a self serve pet wash area. It was very cool, the room had a stainless steel dog sink with a shower hose. It had a soap setting, rinse setting and even a dryer setting. The dog actually did very well. It was funny when she decided to shake the water off, she completely soaked us. The kids each got a turn plugging the money in and spraying the dog. We were done just in time to go to the pet store where we picked up a doggy bone and a couple of biscuits for our doggy-wog. It was hard to get the kids out of the pet store, there were bunnies and hamsters. My three year old liked the "Dalmatian" bunny the best.
I am going to do this with the kids again. It cost me less than 20 bucks, I entertained the kids for a couple of hours ad I now have a clean dog.