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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Hidden Mickey

One of the things that our family likes to do when visiting Disneyland is to search for Hidden Mickeys around the park. Hidden Mickeys are subtle silhouettes of Mickey Mouse' head that can be found in the intricate details of the finishes throughout the theme parks. Our 4 year old has now caught on and thinks that she finds Hidden Mickeys all over the place. The other afternoon after disappearing to the bathroom, she called out "Mommy! I found a Hidden Mickey in the toilet!" after looking at each other and smirking, my wife and I went to check out this Hidden Mickey and sure enough our 4 year old was right. She had managed to squeeze out a little round head with two round ears! Gross I know, but very impressive. I thought about taking a photo but I didn't. My 2 year old wanted to check out the Mickey Mouse in the toilet because he too has caught the Disney bug and though he can't say many words he can say Mouse when referring to Mickey. And so it was he waved and said "bye mouse" as Mickey's head swirled away.