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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The dog has been stinking so bad lately because she rolled in something rotten. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore so I gave her a bath. I put my swimming trunks on because I new that I'd be getting wet. Well as soon as my four year old saw me in my trunks she began begging to go swimming. Since apart from bathing the dog I really had no other obligations today I gave in and got out the swimming bag. I thought I was being diligent in my packing efforts. I had the four year old put her swimsuit on under her clothes and put a fresh pair of underwear in the bag by herself. I packed the towels and made sure I had change for the locker. I dropped the two year old off with Grandma and headed off to the pool. Once in the change room I discovered that I had not brought pants along for myself. I had worn my trunks to the pool but unlike my daughter I did not put pants on over them. I wasn't about to go home and it is remarkably warm out today for November so I decided that I would just go home in my wet trunks afterward and that is what I did. I always bribe the kids with a quarter to put in the candy machine after swimming, it is the only way I can get any of them out of the pool. So I was changing my daughter when I realized that she had put her bathing suit over her underwear but at least she did bring another pair. She got her candy and we came home for lunch. All of this to say that there is a lot to remember when caring for one child let alone four! I told my wife in a somewhat despairing tone that I am having a hard time trying to keep up. She smiled. She on the other hand has also had moments of despair about not being at home with the kids. It is an adjustment, but for the most part we are having a good time. A neat thing about this swimming trip is that I am almost certain it was the first time that I have gone swimming alone with my four year old. Being one of four kids she doesn't get the one on one time very often.

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