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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Adventures And Folleys Of The SAHD

I was a guest cook in my 6 year old's grade 1 class today. Me and 2 moms helped make spiders out of Ritz Crackers, peanut butter, chinese noodles and raisins. We got the kids to smear the peanut butter on one cracker then they put noodles around to be the legs, some had more legs than others. The other cracker went on top and the raisins were lightly blobbed with peanut butter and stuck on top for eyes. I thought the raisins would be dead flies but that was not the case. I had fun, I wore an apron that my grandpa leaves at my house for when we make sausage. It has the phrase "Lets get this show on the road!" The kids liked it.

After wards I came back home to pick up the table that I brought home to repair from the preschool. It had lost a leg, cheap IKEA junk. I farmerized it by drilling a hole through the leg and mounting it to the tabletop with a bolt. This was much simpler and more sturdy than the  way it originally was put together. I picked up the 2 year old from Grandma's place before going to get the four year old from preschool. Grandma is the only one who can get him to put on his socks and shoes so it was nice to be able to take him to the prescjool to get his sister fully clothed and shoed.

One of the most popular sayings around our house when we make mistakes is "AWWW MAN!" or another one is "AWWWW NUTS!". Jessie dropped something when she got into the van today and said "AWWW MAN!" and I followed with "AWWW NUTS!" and then she decided to put the two phrases together and blurted out "AWWWW MAN NUTS!"

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